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A Grimm Curse (Grimm Tales #3)

“In this form you shall remain until a princess shows no disdain.”
Long before Andi woke up in a world that was not her own, her grandmother, Cynthia was entangled in the palace’s circle of glitter and privilege. Explore the dramatic history of Elorium in this standalone prequel to the Grimm Tales series.
Lady Wellington’s obsessive quest to thrust a crown on one of her daughters’ head at any cost has ensnared Cynthia in a scheme that has her sidestepping the arrogant Prince Wilhelm who is determined to make her his bride. With a twist that could only transpire in a fairy tale, Cynthia rescues her own prince, Remington Landry III—cursed by a spiteful witch into the form of a frog.
In the search for a willing princess to lift Remi’s curse, things do not go as planned. The frog-prince disappears, leaving Cynthia wondering at the state of their friendship. Without Remi, Cynthia finds herself a pawn of the ruler of Elorium and imprisoned by his henchman, Prince Wilhelm, who won’t take no for an answer. Cynthia’s life in Elorium is upended as revelations of who she is and the truth about their world comes to light in this stunningly reimagined fairy tale.
A GRIMM CURSE by Janna Jennings was a fast read for me. I'll tell you now, I have never read any of the other books from this series before. I think that's why I was so excited to get this review copy from NetGalley.
A GRIMM CURSE was interesting, to say the lease. It's good because clearly you don't need to know anything about the rest of the series to get it. I knew this was going to be a huge mash up of fairy tales, from the Grimm perspective, obviously, but for me I feel like you could have cut two or three of them from the building blocks of the story. I counted at least five different tales that were all weaved into this one. It made for some confusing moments and feelings.
Cynthia was an interesting character and I liked her for the most part. I felt really bad for what her mother was putting her though. She's more than a princess though, and that makes her relatable for me.
I liked the Prince in this one, he was more than what was expected and the relationship between him and Cynthia was very real and cool. I loved their friendship because it felt genuine.
The addition of Rapunzel was good, but I can't say I was a huge fan of the book's ending. It was pretty confusing and is the reason this one only got a 3.5 star on the addiction scale.
Books that retell the classic fairy tales are always my first choice, and though I was not a fan of the ending here, I am definitely considering grabbing the first two books in this series to see how they are. I like Janna's writing style and the way she paces her books.
I think this series has a pretty good potential for being something special.

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