Review Midnight Hour by C.C. Hunter

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Hey Addicts, what can I say about this true, last and final installment of a series that I have enjoyed so much for so long?
How about WOW and Holy Diet Coke!

C.C. has done what she has done in all the previous books, which is create a tale that gives you all the feels, created very real characters and even makes you believe that the world of Shadow Falls is real and exists right next to us.
Miranda was always my second favorite girl, next to Kylie so I am beyond thrilled that she finally got to have her own full on book.
Her story was similar to previous arc's but it was tailored to Miranda and her story, so I don't mind that. The whole glowing tattoo thing was cool as heck, and I can't believe how much action and story are jam packed into one book. I would have loved to see this book broken out into two segments, so that several things could have been fleshed out more, but like I said, I'm just so happy Miranda got her story!
The fight scenes were perfect as usual, the humor and chemistry between our girls was spot on and I loved getting to see Lucas and Kylie, and Chase and Della, some more. SPOILER ALERT! I was team Perry from the start and I am pumped that Miranda and he got together in the end! They were always perfect for each other, even back in the very first books of the series when they were fighting and being so stubborn.
And can we talk about high school graduation? I got a little tearie at the end there but I don't think there could have been a better way to end this series once and for all. I thought the last book was the final of this series which left me bummed Miranda didn't get her one set of stories, but MIDNIGHT HOUR totally made up for that in almost every way.
I would have liked more Holly, Burnett and their baby girl in the story, but there was already so much going on it would have been too much.
Overall, I adored MIDNIGHT HOUR, it and the rest of the SHADOW FALS series are books that I will continue to read again and again because of C.C.'s masterful story telling and the beautiful world that I wish I could live in--And find my own hunky werewolf or shapeshifter to cozy up with forever ;P
Later Addicts!

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