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I'm here with another review for a book I received through Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. This one is THE SWAY by Ruby Knight (wickedly cool name BTW!)
Read on to see where this one hit on the Addiction Scale for me :)

The Sway (Classified #1)

Her mission is to get close to him for inside information.
His mission is to kidnap her for a supernatural militant group.

Recruited in her teens for a life of espionage, Julia Caldwell, now 19, is the youngest CIA agent on record. Her mission is simple: get close to Cole Thomas for intel on his father, a known and dangerous weapons dealer. As she grows closer to Cole, something is off. He might not be who she thinks he is. And worse, his mission will put an end to hers.
Always believing the government’s story that her purpose in life was to keep the world safe, Julia doesn’t know who to trust or who to believe. But now, THE SWAY has a different story—a different purpose for her—that goes well beyond all she ever imagined

THE SWAY by Ruby Knight first caught my attention with this totally cool cover! This cover designer deserves a big hug. And happily, this story delivers almost as much as the cover draws you in :D
Julia and Cole are cool heroes and despite the insta love of it all, I thought they had great chemistry and seeing them together felt right, even though they both started off as spies for opposing forces. There was a lot of confusion, for me, at the beginning, but I liked it! I know you're probably thinking huh? but hear me out. It was very fun to discover who the bad guys really were, and who the good guys really were through Julia's eyes (since this story is told in first person). Though some more foreshadowing would have been appreciated, to help the overall flow of info.
There was a lot of repetitive info dumps that jumbled and slowed the plot pace--totally NOT in a good way. This story could have possibly benefited from two or three pauses to let things settle a bit and to make it all feel more natural.
I loved the spy/mystery/thriller of this all, but I wish THE SWAY hadn't taken the leap that it did. (even if it did work overall, it would have been nice to see this story stay firmly rooted in real world and not Urban Fantasy.) Based on the book blurb I wasn't anticipating the x-men like chemically created super soldiers that have special abilities, almost like superpowers.
I won't spoil what Julia's is, but I give Ruby Knight credit for not making it a typical power you see in a lot of books.
Overall, a really cool, intriguing, breakneck paced thrill ride that had me hooked until the end. I would recommend this one to YA fans and fans of thriller spy stories.

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