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Hey Addicts! I'm back with another review, this one is of my friend LH Nicole's 3rd King Arthur book RELICS OF CAMELOT!
I've been sitting on this review for a while but now I am glad to share it with my fellow YA Addicts.
Read on to see where this gem fell on my Addiction Scale :)

Relics of Camelot (Legendary Saga #3)
By LH Nicole
Genre YA Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Making a devil’s bargain with a Fae queen is a dangerous thing.
Thrown back to the golden days of Camelot, the Destined One needs to find the object that will lead her and the Knights of the Round Table to the Grail of Power. But Aliana must also figure out and complete a mystery task before she can return to her own time. The consequences of revealing Camelot’s future to King Arthur or any member of the Round Table family could be devastating. She is forced to keep secrets, feeling more alone than ever, even with the support of new friends and allies. With the unwelcome knowledge of their looming deaths, will she be able to resist the temptation to save the people she loves?
The attentions of Sir Galahad and King Arthur are a delightful yet confusing distraction. Her feelings for Arthur—even this version of him who doesn’t know her—continue to grow. The sparking sensation she’d felt whenever she touched Sir Galahad is mysteriously missing, but she can’t deny a continued connection with the protective knight.
Weapons powerful enough to destroy even Excalibur surface along with a shadowy figure that even seems to have influence over Mordrid. The time of the eclipse grows ever closer and everything Aliana thought she knew will once again be tossed into question again as she continues on her Legendary quest

It's no secret I'm a fan of LH's LEGENDARY SAGA books, and when I got my hands on RELICS OF CAMELOT I read it twice in three days! Outside of the most A-MA-ZING cover yet, this story just keeps getting better and better! It sucked me in right from the very first pages and was a non stop action, romance, mystery and hot knight filled adventure!
RELICS OF CAMELOT picks up right where book 2 CLAIMING EXCALIBUR left off with Aliana, our heroine, getting unceremoniously dropped back into Camelot's past by that scheming Fae Queen Titania.
I admit to being confused and a tad worried, I mean it's hard to get historical settings right and then you add in the magic of the book and all the secrets Aliana needs to keep...........but I couldn't have been happier with the results.
While some of the things may have seemed a bit stretched, and even a tad convenient, the story flowed at a fast pace with something critical happening in every scene.
It was a really nice switch to see the Knights, Galahad and Arthur as they were in Camelot--Morgana too--and to get to meet yet more characters, including Guin! I think the only thing I didn't like about her was the fact she didn't get a lot of attention. I really wanted more of her and Lancelot's story, but the ending more than made up for that earlier lack :D
Speaking of new characters: GALAHAD HAS A LITTLE SISTER!!! And she is the most adorable thing ever. Sophvira, or Vira to her friends, was a bright spot that really helped give Galahad's character, and many of the other knights, a chance to show more depth beyond being the badass knights that they are. When that scene more than half way through the book happened...............I was ready to die too, but I think it was for the best in the end!
And can I say WOW, what a way to tie so many things together with just a few simple acts. So many things from the previous books suddenly came back and made so much more sense!
I don't know if LH intended for us to feel so bad for Morgana but man, I didn't see her story coming. I can't believe how she turned to the side of evil. Well done :)
Mordrid is still his nasty bad self, and we get another villain, his and Morgana's teacher, and we learn more about Mordrid's dark back story and why he set down on the path he did.
I think this book has been my favorite of the lot so far, for so many reasons, but I gotta say the romance in this one..........holy hot pants! The romantic tension was much more prevalent and focused and seeing both Arthur and Galahad vie for Aliana's attention was a heart swelling experience. Those kisses...........*fans face*
This was a book I have been sorely needing and dying for, and thank god we are not left on a nasty cliffhanger like we were with CLAIMING EXCALIBUR.
If you are a fan of fantasy, King Arthur, fairy tales, YA epic adventure then you need to read RELICS OF CAMELOT and the firs two books in this series!
One warning, there is some pretty serious death in this one so maybe keep this out of the hands of readers under 12 or 13 years old.



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