Release day Review of SPELLBINDER by C.C. Hunter

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Hey Addicts, I'm back from vacation with a great treat! I was given an advanced readers copy of SPELLBINDER by C.C. Hunter through the wonderful folks of McMillan and Netgalley and WOW! I have already done reviews for other books in the SHADOW FALLS series, click here to see those posts and reviews. I have been waiting for the release to do my review so here it is :)

Spellbinder (Shadow Falls Novella)

When magic, romance and family secrets collide, the result is spellbinding!
Miranda Kane has always felt like a screw up–at least when it comes to her ability to wield magic. Her only sanctuary is Shadow Falls camp, where she’s learning to harness her powers as a witch. But thanks to her shapeshifter boyfriend who called it quits and ran off to Paris, both her heart and powers feel broken.
When she unexpectedly lands a top spot in a spell casting competition in France, she flies out with her best friends Kylie and Della. But her trip takes her straight into the heart of a dangerous supernatural mystery–and a heated romance. What Miranda doesn’t expect is for her investigation to unleash shocking revelations…about herself, her family, and her arch enemy. Now Miranda must step up and show everyone that she’s a witch to be reckoned with….before it’s too late.

I am a HUGE fan of C.C. Hunter and her Shadows Falls series! I have loved them since the beginning. The world that C.C. has built for these characters is beyond words amazing and whats more, she has such a large, varied cast of characters, yet it never feels like too much. That is a hard thing to accomplish in my book.
SPELLBINDER is Miranda's novella. She's our spunky dyslexic witch, immediately established herself as one of my fav's not only because of her color streaked hair, or the fact she's a witch (so cool) but because she was also such....a teenage girl. I love the series other two main girls, Kylie and Della (the first 5  full length books in the series are Kylie's story and the latest 3 full length books are Della's) so when I say we were getting a Miranda Novella I kinda freaked out!

Yes, SPELLBINDER is a novella, so it much shorter but C.C. still managed to pack so much amazingness into such a small thing, I devoured the whole novella in two hours! It picked up perfectly where ETERNAL left off and I loved that we finally got to meet the Warlock Miranda had been crushing on well before she came to Shadow Falls and met the hunky badass shapeshifter Perry. I gotta say I'm a huge fan of Perry and Miranda, because of all they've been through together, but Shawn, the warlock crush, is so swoon worthy I may be switching camps here. (also I'm a little bitter that Perry so unceremoniously dropped Miranda, I don't think I've gotten over that yet, despite the maybe justifiable reasons he left.)
Miranda, finally gets to show us her wicked powers and wins her way to Paris, France for a contest to determine the next high priestess. Of course that's not without it's own drama that........wait I can't say to much without spoiling.
That said, of course, Kylie and Della tag along. As does Burnette, the overbearing teddy bear badass FRU "father figure" agent for protection. Though, like usual, his presence doesn't seem to make the bad things stop happening. But that's the fun!
It was so great to get to see more of the witch side of things in this story, because the other books largely focus on the vamp, shifter and fae aspects, which is great, but it was the witch's time.
The story was exciting, fast paced, detailed and so easy to fall into that the only bad thing was when it ended. I wanted more! I still do! I loved how Perry came roaring back into the picture, and how Miranda managed to solve a situation that had been a disaster in her life since childhood. I am even more eager to read the next book in Della's series, to continue the greatness of this series.
For any of my Addicts, or anyone else who hasn't read any of the Shadow Falls books, do so now! That way you can read this book and know what's the what!

And I'm done gushing for now! So grateful to Netgalley and the publisher for gifting me an advanced copy! I loved every second :)

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