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Hey Addicts, I've got a review today of TRAVEL GLASSES by Chess Desalls. I signed up to review this one for so many reasons and I am grateful to NetGalley for gifting me a free copy in exchange fro my HONEST opinion. Read on to see where this one ranked on my addiction scale.

Travel Glasses (The Call to Search Everywhen #1)

Calla Winston’s mobile devices sit in a corner of her room, covered in dust. Weeks ago, she shared photos and laughs with her best online friend. Now, after having felt the sting of betrayal, she prefers being hidden and friendless. She equates privacy with security and technology with pain.

Then she meets Valcas, an otherworldly time traveler who traverses time and space with a pair of altered sunglasses. When an ethereal being knocks Calla to the ground near her family’s lakeside cottage, Valcas uses the Travel Glasses to help her escape. He offers his further protection in exchange for a promise. Intrigued by Valcas and the possibility of time travel, Calla accepts. That is until she learns that his search for her was no mere coincidence.

Calla sets off on her own, taking the Travel Glasses with her. Torn between searching for her estranged father and reuniting with the rest of her family, she tracks down the inventor of the Travel Glasses in hopes of discovering more about Valcas’ past and motivations. The Travel Glasses take Calla’s mistrust of technology to all new levels. But without them, she’ll never make it back home. With Valcas hot on her trail, Calla hopes to find what she’s looking for before he catches up.

The Call to Search Everywhen is a serial series of novel-length installments. Travel Glasses is YA fantasy filled with metafiction and other literary twistiness. It's a thought-provoking narrative about trust, relationships, reality and illusion. 


TRAVEL GLASSES by Chess Desalls is many things, both good and bad. Unfortunately in this case more bad than good. Everything started with this A-MAZ-ING cover, I mean OMG just look at it! And the blurb (see above) is amazing too. It sounded like TRAVEL GLASSES was going to be my next mew addiction, I was so ready to dig in. Then after the first three chapters I was like huh? Seriously?!?! While its clear this book just didn't do it for me, that's not to say it was all bad. Here's my pro list.

  1. cover--need I say more?
  2. characters-- very intriguing and unique. They fit well together--mostly even if they were confusing or annoying at times.
  3. the concept of time travel--very interesting and different 
  4. for every action there was an equal reaction aka there's a price to everything as in life.

Like I said, there were good points. Sadly I now need to address a few of my issues with TRAVEL GLASSES. I'll try to keep the rant to a dull roar.

  1. Calla- she's supposed to be jaded, un trusting and a recluse, yet she goes on a date with a guy who literally talks to her for like 3 minutes after knocking her over with a jet ski! Then she proceeds to run off with him to a strange and unfamiliar place when the guy gives her no real reason to or to even really like him, much less trust him. (Can we say almost to stupid to live?) But I say almost because she did have the common sense to escape from the psycho boy, but then she goes off to this obscure man, who created the travel glasses and then basically mooches off him. She did have her good points, but sadly they got lost in the rest of her hot mess.
  2. Valcas- I get that he is supposed to be complex and by Calla traveling all through time and space she's seeing him at different points in his very long and crazy life. But the way it was all written was so confusing. He was like 3 totally different characters each with a radically different personality. I just couldn't keep up.
  3. The plot- okay this wasn't too bad but the pacing.....way too slow and drawn out and all over the place. And the story wasn't really believable. Everything from her up and dating a guy who was kinda rude (after swearing she's a recluse) then following him to a DIFFERENT TIME without any explanation as to why, to the appearance of this Time and Space travel agency. It just wasn't real. Sadly nothing much about this book made sense outside of the over explained theory of time travel.
  4. World building- The time travel aspect was very cool but it was one of what felt like a dozen different things all crammed into one too small a space. There were solid and interesting ideas but no time to develop them and have them grow and bloom.

I truly wish I could have said more good things about TRAVEL GLASSES, but sadly it just wasn't right for me; nor is it a book I would recommend.

Despite my thoughts being less than favorable I do want to thank NetGalley and the author for allowing me to review this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

See you Addicts next time

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