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Hey Addicts, I said last week that I would be giving you my review of Neverland by Anna Katmore, and here it is.

But first a little reminder of the book
Although Angelina McFarland loves reading fairytales, she never dreamed of falling right into one herself. But that’s exactly what happens when she slips on her balcony and a flying Peter Pan catches her mid-fall.
Ending up in Neverland where no one seems to age and laws of nature are out of control, Angel has no idea how to get home. Worse, the ruthless Captain Hook captures her and keeps her trapped on his ship, the Jolly Roger, where she gets caught between the lines of a timeless battle. But the more time Angel spends with the captain, the more she sees beneath his ruthless façade.
As Angel desperately tries to find a way to return to her real life, she discovers a train ticket to London in her pocket. It won’t be any help in getting off the island, but as her memory fades away the longer she stays, this is all she has left to remind her of her former life and why she can’t give up trying.
Or is staying in Neverland forever the better choice after all?
Grab a happy thought and follow Angel on an adventure that will keep you breathless and smiling long after you read the last page…

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review of NEVERLAND by Anna Katmore

This book is a solid 2.5 stars for me; which is to bad because I really wanted to like it a lot more. The premise sounded good, but it faltered. I liked how Anna made Peter Pan out to be a little sociopathic and Hook a hot pirate--though Once Upon A Time did a better job in my opinion. Though Anna gets some bonus points for making her Hook minus the guy liner, happily.
At least Angel (our heroine) called him "Jamie" rather than Captain James Hook.
I can't say there was much more out of Hook and the occasional funniness that I liked. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy NEVERLAND but it's not one I'm going to go back read again.
My biggest problem was the lack of character development/growth. Angel, "Jamie" Hook and Peter Pan all had good traits/personalities that intrigued me, but there was so much more potential for all of them to become more. We got a touch of it in Hook (sorry, I just can't bring myself to call him Jamie..shivers) when he fell for Angel. I enjoyed watching him fall and getting the occasional chapters from his point of view. But even there the voice sounded the same, like Angel and Hook were one, not two separate characters.
Angel is a good heroine, but she wasn't memorable like I hoped she'd be. She definitely had her sparkling moments, but they were few and far between.
The romance between Hook and Angel was good, very nice kissing scenes, but there was too much left unsaid and undone. And the fact that they slept together hours before she was making the journey back to London did not sit right with me at all. The scene was in good taste, well written and fade to black that a teen could read. But I just can't imagine Angel's character giving it up so easily, no matter her attraction to Hook. It felt like a contradiction of her personality.
Overall plot was good, but again not developed enough for me because there were so many things left unexplained, that were confusing, got glanced over or didn't seem to 100% fit.
Like why Angel's memories disappeared when she slept, and when she arrived she could remember everything in her life except her name. Also, in the beginning, I couldn't tell if this book was set in the 40's or the 21st century. Angel's parents were just not believable as parents in modern day, even if they are crusty english elite with old money.
It was also never explained why Angel falling from her balcony landed her in Neverland and Peter Pan's arms.
Like I said, not bad overall, but I still wanted a lot more from a book that seemed to promise a lot.

My next review will be a more positive one, I promise. But I did promise MY honest opinion on Anna Katmore's NEVERLAND.

See you Addicts next time

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