Official launch of Miss Little Book Addict YA blog

11:47 PM

Hey Addicts! After a long set of discussions with my good friend and "boss" Miss Little Book Addict (MLBA) we decided that because of the content on her main blog it would be best to not only have a YA reviews but to also have a blog separate so that people who may be turned off by by the 18+ content of her blog won't have to worry about that here!
So this is officially my first House of Books YA post!!!!!!!
Now that said, I have a lot of reviews on the main blog so I am posting the links here incase you want to check out some books I've loved---and some not so much---in the past. And I have plenty more coming!
Here's the links to all my past reviews on both MLBS's main page (for those you will still need to accept the 18+ disclaimer, but I promise the books and reviews are clean!)
I am also posting some that I have done on an author friends of mine blog.

Jennifer Estep-- Crimson Frost
Abbi Glines-- Existence series
Leigh Fallon-- Carrier of the Mark
Robin Benway--  Also Known As & Going Rogue
Jenny Trout-- Such Sweet Sorrow
C.C. Hunter-- Shadow Falls Series
Kat Carlton-- Two Lies and A Spy
Donna Hosie-- Return to Camelot Series
Lynne Ewing-- Daughters of the Moon series
Melinda Metz-- Gifted Touch
Jennifer Estep-- Killer Frost

I hope you enjoy the reviews I've done and the ones that are up coming!
Hope to see all you addicts again soon :)

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